Why You Should Use Mountain Lion’s Spaces

Macworld’s Kirk McElhearn is preaching to the converted in your editor. I’ve loved and used intensively OS X’s Spaces feature since it was introduced in Version 10.5 Leopard, usually having nine Spaces configured, and often something underway in most or all of them..

McElhearn notes that an efficiency-killer and time-waster is having to root through through the many windows of multiple applications to find just the right one [although I’ll take that any day to having to switch applications like you do in the iOS – Ed.]. However, he notes that Mountain Lion’s Spaces can make your work more efficient and productive. Now a part of Mission Control, with Spaces, you can organize your apps and windows so that theyre all visible on separate desktops, instead of all on the same desktop. When you want to view a specific app, you can switch to that app, or to its space, and see it without obstructions. And, using Mission Control, you can get a birds eye view of all your spaces, and all your windows. Heres what my Mac looks like in Mission Control.


You can check it out at:

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