Apple And Intel Driving The Nails Into Thunderbolt’s Coffin?

TGDaily’s Nick Farrell says it’s looking like Intel’s and Apple’s plan to kill off FireWire and USB with Thunderbolt is grinding into a Titanic iceberg.

Farrell notes that USB 3.0 has become practically universal and appeared in notebooks and desktops from every manufacturer, including Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Asus, and Apple finally sheepishly started adding USB 3.0 to its machines in June, 2012 even while maintaining that Thunderbolt is superior.

He contends that Intel relied too much on Apple, which had no particular interest in keeping the cost of the products down, too keen to make an outrageous markup on Thunderbolt peripherals “which only its limited fanbase was stupid enough to pay for,” which resulted in keeping the technology much too expensive for most users to be bothered with.

The coup de grace for T-Bolt could be AMD’s upcoming release a low-cost Thunderbolt competitor in 2013 which it has unsubtly dubbed “Lightning Bolt,” With faster USB 3 in the works too, Ferrell predicts that Thunderbolt is going to be as dead as a dodo once a flood of cheaper technology hits the market.

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