DOCKr Turns Your Tablet Into A Laptop, Extends Battery Runtime

If you find that you have to interrupt your tablet experience to find a charger, speakers, carrying case or docking station the DOCKr is for you This all-in-one tablet accessory means that your tablet experience will be enhanced and, most importantly, uninterrupted. The DOCKr is ideal for traveling, studying, doing business and expanding your iPad experience.

The DOCKr solves three problems for tablet owners.

1. The user’s experience with the iPad is constantly interrupted. People have to leave their iPads to locate a carrying case, a docking station, a charger, speakers or a keyboard. The DOCKr allows a continuous, uninterrupted and fluid experience with the iPad. The all-in-one nature of the DOCKr solves this problem so users can watch movies, surf the internet, use apps, do business or take notes uninterrupted.

2. Tablet owners want more features. User feedback has shown that the most requested hardware features for the tablet are keyboards, additional battery, USB connections and better speakers. The DOCKr provides an all-in-one solution for each of these needs inside a durable polycarbonate case.

3. Tablet owners miss the familiar comforts and utility of their laptops. The DOCKr is the bridge between your laptop and your tablet allowing you to charge, carry, customize and continue your work.

What makes the DOCKr different from a laptop?

The DOCKr has many benefits of a laptop, but it does not allow for USB input, has no memory capabilities (it relies on the iPad for that), and the DOCKr keyboard is removable so you can use the DOCKr just as a docking station platform to watch movies or to give a presentation.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built-in and provides up to 6-8 hours of extended battery life. Not only does it power your iPad, but the 2 USB ports and 1 Micro USB port can charge your other electronic devices.

This means up to 8 more hours of the things that keep you going… whether its listening to music, writing papers, corresponding with co-workers, or watching movies.

The extra battery life is ideal for travel or using your iPad on-the-go. You can rely on the DOCKr to give your iPad extended life in those moments when you need it most. Recharging the DOCKr at the end of the day is easy with the included charging cable.

The DOCKr is made of injection molded, polycarbonate plastic – the same material used in bulletproof glass.

Supported Products – Compatibility:
• The DOCKr supports the Apple iPad 1, 2, and 3.

• The DOCKr supports the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the inNuevo keyboard.

• The DOCKr keyboard is Bluetooth compatible, connecting wirelessly with the Apple iPad 1, 2, and 3.

The DOCKr is compatible with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (keyboard not included) and the inNuevo keyboard (sold separately). The inNuevo keyboard is removable and Bluetooth compatible. This keyboard connects wirelessly with the Apple iPad 1, 2, and 3 through Bluetooth technology. Connecting with Bluetooth is easy and will only have to be done once.

The color options of the inNuevo keyboard correspond with the DOCKr colors, so you can mix or match depending on your preference! The colors are Pearl White, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, and Absolute Black.

Customization options allow you to add a graphic on the back of your DOCKr. Your company logo, favorite sports team, alma mater or cartoonimagine the possibilities! Use it to market your company, represent your sports team, promote your cause, decorate your DOCKr or as a platform for expression.

Dimensions and Weight:205 x 310 x 42 (mm)
• 8 x 12.2 x 1.7
• Weight 15 Ounces

The DOCKr comes in two models: DOCKr 1 and DOCKr 2. Both DOCKr models have customization options and come in five color options: Absolute Black, Midnight Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, and Pearl White.

DOCKr 1 is an iPad docking station without electronics. $59.00

DOCKr 2 is equipped with electronic features. Includes a battery, speakers, audio jack and two USB ports to charge electronic devices. $109.00

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