Introducing OX Text Web-Based Word Processor

Rafael Laguna (CEO of Open-Xchange) has announced that the next release of OX App Suite would contain OX Text.

OX App Suite is a centralized cloud environment that lets users manage their digital lives completely including emails, tasks, schedules, files and more from a single interface, on any device. OX App Suite already has the capability to preview almost any file type.

OX Text Unveiled

OX Text, at its core, is a web-based word processor. Its main focus is on reducing the complexities of text editing while promoting collaborative document creation. Collaborative document creation leads to more efficient working practices, the reduction/elimination of document version headaches and document emailing nightmares.

OX Text can be used in two main ways:

• A stand-alone online text word processor that supports all regular text formats including MS Word and OpenOffice Writer
• A collaborative online word processor where groups of users come together and work on a document simultaneously, each seeing the changes as they happen.

OX Text Integrated into OX App Suite

OX Text is much more powerful than a simple stand-alone or online text editor as it is fully integrated across all core Apps in OX App Suite:

• OX Files – providing automated version control, internal and external sharing, folder structuring and file management.
• OX Mail – efficient communication, distribution and sending of documents as link or attachements.
• OX App Suite Portal – making document tracking simple and visible.

In short OX App Suite raises the already impressive power of OX Text to a whole new level.

OX Text – Collaborative Online Word Processing

Working on a document within a team, but in a stand-alone environment is fraught with complexities and headaches: emailing a document to a team leads to version and duplication issues; train of thought is often lost or broken; consistency with multiple edits is shattered and many more issues.

OX Text lets teams of people come together and work on the same document in real-time. One person can take control and work either on a new or an existing document while others contribute. This speeds up the creative process and a consensus is reached much quicker. It is without exception the most productive way to work with a document.

Supported, Unsupported Features

Open-Xchange is playing its part in Fighting Featuritis and demonstrates this with OX Text perfectly. OX Text provides everything required for your day-to-day text based work. Legacy documents created with other editors often embed power features not recognized by many other text editors. This is not a problem for OX Text as it has been designed with round trip functionality.

Round trip lets you upload any document into OX Text and start working with it.

When a document contains features such as Smart Art or Charts, they are simply replaced with a placeholder. The document can then be worked upon, even in teams and online. Later, when finished, the document can again be downloaded. When it is then reopened in its native editor you find nothing is lost: the new edits are there, the power functions are also still there and working, even the formatting is completely intact. OX Text never damages your valuable work even if it doesn’t understand it.


Preview Peek

Although OX Text has not yet been released (scheduled for April 2013), this demo site is designed to give you a sneak peek now.

For more information, visit:

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