Free Path Input Gesture-Based, Predictive Keyboard For Your iPad

TopApp’s Path Input is a quick, smart and fun input solution on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Its distinctive features are as follows:

• Input a word by drawing its path on the keyboard. For example, to input the word “book”, you can touch down your finger at key ‘B’, move to key ‘O’, then to key ‘K’ and lift up your finger. This input mode can tolerate the error. In the above case, if you lift up your finger at key ‘L’, you can also get the word “book” since “bol”, “bool” or “boll” is not meaningful or common English word.

• Insert Space Intelligently
– When you input words continuously with Path Input, the space between them will be automatically inserted.

• Prefix Prediction
– You can input any long word by only drawing its prefix. For example, to input word “quickness”, you can only draw the path “q-u-i-c-k-n”.

• Distinctive Shift Key
– With Path Input, click Shift key can easily switch the word before the cursor, for example, “good”, between “Good”, “GOOD” and “good”. If there is a selection, all selected text will become uppercase or lowercase.

• One-Key Copy
– You can forward your text to Message or Mail in app, and easily copy the text into system paste board by clicking only one key at the bottom tool bar. This copy is global. You can paste it anywhere, even in other apps.

Path Keyboard supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Dutch. More languages are promised soon.

Note well however that the Path Keyboard is not a system keyboard that can be used iwith any apps, and is only available in the Path Keyboard app, because, as TopApp explains, developing system global keyboards for iOS is prohibited by Apple.

System requirements:
• Compatible with iPad
• Requires iOS 6.0 or later

Path Keyboard is free

Download from the App Store here:

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