New ARM CEO: “No ‘Glorious New Strategy”

The Register’s Gavin Clarke notes that almost every smartphone on the planet is powered by a processor containing an ARM-authored chip. and that Intel, which unlike ARM makes its own processors, remains overwhelmingly saddled with a PC-centric business going through a slump, while ARM is sizing up mobile computing with a plan for more than half of all tablets, mini-notebooks and other mobile PCs sold in 2015 to use ARM silicon, and servers another market expansion possibility.

Which makes it surprising that Warren East, 54, ARM CEO since 2001, announced his surprise retirement on Tuesday, and has been replaced by ARM’d president Simon Segars who joined the firm three years before East and was formerly executive vice president of engineering.

Clarke notes that Mr. Segars is promising no major changes in ARM’s development strategy, also observing that it was the massive success of the iPhone and the iPad – which employ ARM’s Cortex CPU – that turned the firm into the kind of sexy tech story that those outside semiconductor industry cared about and one that competitors like Intel suddenly take a lot more seriously.

There are rumors of an ARM-powered Mac afoot, as we reported here Friday, with T-GAAP’s E. Werner Reschke suggesting that Apple’s “next big thing” will be the launch of an iOS Laptop powered by a quad-core ARM A-series Apple designed processor:

Clarke quotes Mr. Segar saying “As we grow into the PC market, there’s market share we could gain but there are other markets – smartphone(s) continue to grow, server market continue(s) to grow – and our processor tech is very applicable for the new servers people are putting together. I see lots of areas where we can grow with growing markets.”

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