iPad mini With Retina Display May Take Longer To Debut Than Some Imagine

T-GAAP’s E. Werner Reschke takes a quick look at why we probably will be waiting longer than we think for the Retina iPad mini to become part of Apple’s lineup.

Reschke, and iPad mini fan, says its one drawback its lack of a Retina display, which he says maybe doesn’t matter so much for folks with good eyes like millennials, but for older geeks like himself (and your editor!), being able to clearly read a web page, tweet or email without eyestrain is important, and the lack of an iPad mini’s Retina display is the reason that all three contributors at Three Guys and A Podcast have not purchased the iPad mini.

And he’s concerned that they may be waiting a long time, noting that it will be a challenge for Apple to produce a Retina display mini at a cost that allows them to maintain margins without raising the price of their product, noting that introducing a more expensive iPad mini with retina display at $399 or $429 doesn’t make sense with the rest of Apple’s iPad lineup.

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