Ditching The iPad For Work – Back To The Mac

Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel says he had been doing all of his work using an iPad, with research, communication, writing and photo editing all having become second nature for him on both the iPad mini and the full-sized iPad 3. Indeed, he says he was so happy with the iPad as a work machine that he thought he’d never buy another Mac.

Instead, he’s now using a brand-new MacBook Air. Howcum? Because he developed a nasty case of Gorilla Arm, described as “is pain in the upper bicep, just below the shoulder, coupled with pain in the chest muscle where it joins the shoulder” caused by the horrendous body-English of reaching over the keyboard to manipulate the touchscreen when the ‘Pad is used in laptop substitute mode, and the reason Sorrel suggests that we won’t see a touchscreen Mac anytime soon.

To which your editor observes, yet again, having had my own skirmishes with RSI, that the iPad/iOS needs at least a mouse driver that can support connecting a Bluetooth mouse, or preferably a real USB port, if it’s ever to become a satisfactory production tool. Apple’s evident dogged stubbornness about not making this provision is perverse.

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