There’s More To Tablet Productivity Than Hyper-Portability

ZNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes notes that in the course of a few years, tablets have shifted from being a niche device into a mainstream product for enterprise and consumers alike, and helped boost productivity in a number of key work areas. “But what is it about tablets that makes them such colossal productivity boosters?” he asks rhetorically.

Kingsley-Hughes cites Forrester Research analyst J.P. Gownder’s contention that it’s the “hyper-portability” of these devices that boosts user productivity, with 62 percent of respondents in a survey of IT decision-makers who support tablets today or plan to support them soon citing a ‘more portable form factor than the traditional laptop’ ahead of end user preferences, ease of use considerations, and other possible answers.

Kingsley-Hughes personbally cites another aspect to tablets that help them to boost owner productivity, namely how low-drag they are to use, explaikned as meaning that tablets have certain attributes that make them far better-suited to certain tasks than any other device currently available such as:
• Fast start-up
• Ease of use
• Apps are more focused
• Dive in, dive out – Fast on/off
• Focus on triage

Kingsley-Hughes says these factors represent a massive productivity both for individuals – who get more done in less time, and feel they are wasting less time by being able to be productive in places that they couldn’t be with notebooks, changing the way we work, and that we’re just beginning to tap into what this remarkable device has to offer.

But watch out for Gorilla Arm (see previous item).

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