Texting While Driving: Holding Apple To A Higher Standard

TechPinions’ Brian S. Hall thinks Apple can do better in helping combat the pernicious phenomenin of texting (and dying) while driving, which he says claims the lives of more than nine people every day, and has to stop.

Ans while it’s easy to claim that people’s foolish, irresponsible, and dangerous to others as well as themselves behavior is in no way Apples fault, he holds Apple to a higher standard, noting that the iPhone doesnt merely dominate the U.S. smartphone market, but dominates pretty much every relevant metric for smartphone use and engagement. And tragically, too many users remain engaged with their iPhones even while driving — a recent AT&T study finding that nearly half of adult drivers in the U.S. admit to texting while driving and over 40% of teens admit to texting while driving with numbers rising.

I agree with Hall. This has to be stopped, and he wants Apple to do something because he thinks possibly only Apple can do something to fix this sociotechnological plague.

Please read Brian Hall’s full commentary here:

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