MacBook Pro Roadmap?

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson says the MacBook Pro Retina evidently represents the future for MacBooks in the coming years, featuring technologies like Retina displays, solid state storage, an SD card reader, USB 3, and Thunderbolt ports, so one has to wonder what is next for these powerhouse laptops.

Johnson speculates on what could be in store for MacBook Pro:

• Displays: Retina displays are the biggest upgrade to display technology since high-color displays.

• Ports: Several new data ports have come along the last couple of years.

• Wireless: WIFI protocols continue to evolve and grow in speed. Could we see LTE added to MacBook Pros?

• Internals: Intel and its processors have been the biggest reason many have upgraded their computers in the past. Maybe now not so much

• Storage: Now that Apple has switched to solid state storage, they will not be looking back, at least not in their mobile products.

• Battery: New battery technologies keep emerging, but so far nothing new has made it to mass production.

Johnson concludes that the current MacBook Pro Retina is Apple’s flagship laptop computer, and that in some ways, the hardware has caught and even surpassed the abilities of most software enabling new MacBook Pro purchases to last longer terms of useful service than laptops from the past, with the next big leaps in computers to be in software and mobile.

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