Computing Pioneer Alan Kay Calls Apple’s iPad User Interface ‘Poor’

Appleinsider’s Kevin Bostic reports that A former Apple Fellow, Disney Imagineering Fellow, and Xerox PARC Labs associate Alan Kay, recognized as one of the few people behind the concepts that have defined much of personal computing over the past three decades, told Time’s Techland that Apple’s iPad in some ways betrays the vision he and others had for a portable suite of hardware, software, programming tools, and services, lacking as it does the capacity to enable “symmetric authoring and consuming.”

Kay called Apple’s restrictions on content creation and sharing on the iPad “mostly bogus,” and said that any potential security issues were the result of flaws in the OS, also expressing disappointment in the progress of the human-computer interface improvement since development of the Graphical User Interface, and that even though multitouch is a good idea, much of the iPad UI is very poor in a myriad of ways.

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