DollyDrive Offers 10 GB Of Free Storage, Sync & Backup for Mac for a Limited Time

Thru April 11th, Mac users can get 10 Free Gigs of Dolly Drive Storage, Sync & Backup for Mac, according to Dolly Drive maker CirrusThinking, LLC. Dolly Drive subscriptions include cloud storage for having a virtual hard drive, file syncing & online backup along with integrated capabilities for local backup and a bootable clone for immediate disaster recovery.

“When Mac users experience Dolly Drive with 10 Free Gigs, they can better understand their full cloud potential ” says Leigh Kessler, Director of Marketing for Dolly Drive. “Once you’ve accessed your files on all your devices, or restored a backed up file from the cloud, you start to understand how life-changing working from the cloud can be.”

Dolly Drive mixes cloud storage and backup in three ways. First, it offers the ability to store files in the cloud, and then sync them across their computers and devices. Next, it lets users create versioned backups of those files both in the cloud and on a local hard drive. Lastly, the Dolly Drive application includes software to create a bootable clone of a Mac on an external drive for immediate recovery from any hard drive related failures.

“We’ve created the ultimate all-in-one backup & cloud storage solution for Mac users. Instead of running three programs at once, and loading your hard drives with more and more storage-eating files, Dolly Drive is more efficient, less resource intensive, and as elegant and intuitive as anything you could ever operate on your Mac.” adds Kessler. “Used in its complete form, no cloud solution offers more complete protection and access to your stuff than Dolly Drive.”

Dolly Drive launched at Macworld 2011 to critical acclaim, taking home Maclife Magazine’s Best Software and Best of Show awards. Mac observers can follow the company’s activities and blog on Twitter @dollydrive and on Facebook.

New In The Latest Update

New Interface
• Dolly Drive provides more Mac-inspired features than any other cloud service. From the colorful & elegant interface to the intuitive, single-click application management, no product does more to bring the full power of the cloud to people who love their Mac.

• All your files – everywhere
Put files in Dolly Sync or Dolly Space and you can access them on your desktop, iPhone or iPad and web.

• Always up to date
Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere.

• Share with other
With Dolly Drive you can share files or folders with your friends or colleagues.

• 5 GB of free space
You get 5 GB monthly, and you can upgrade to get more space at any time.

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