Slim Design’s Serious Downside – A Day Of Reckoning Coming

iFixIt’s carli observes that there’s a major downside to the fads of ultraslim form factors and packageing seamlessness – ergo: you often can’t replace a device’s battery yourself since it’s nearly impossible to tear apart or open up.

carli says, and I strongly agree, that it runs counter to common sense to own a battery-powered device that doesn’t allow you to replace the batteries quickly and easily – and that we do ourselves no favors by settling for expensive electronics with batteries that can’t be removed and replaced. carli notes that these products might look great, but when it comes to batteries, recycling, and reuse, there are big problems.

And they’re not necessary, as the new Blackberry Z10 with its user-replacable battery demonstrates. carli notes that the Germans are out in front in addressing this issue, the President of the German Federal Environment Agency publicly backing a ban on built-in batteries.

Bravo. Bring it on.

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