Five Ways Microsoft’s Surface Is Better Than iPad

ZNet’s David Gewirtz shines the spotlight on features in both Microsoft Surface tablet PC models that make them better, more innovative, and potentially more game-changing than their counterparts on the iPad.

Way #1: Active tiles

Definitely more appealing than the iPad’s ancient Launcher interface

Way #2: Named Sets Of Applications In The Launcher

Way #3: Ability to run apps side-by-side

Being able to run two apps, side-by-side, on one screen is huge for those of us who use our tablets for content creation, research, editing, and so forth.

Way #4: Real Microsoft Office

Not a biggie for your editor, but some folks gotta’ have Word.

Way #5: Actual USB

Another major advantage Surface offers over the iPad’s severely limited connectivity allowing you to plug in some USB devices put files on a thumb drive and move them onto your tablet and use an external (non-Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse.

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