ZenDock Dock for MacBooks, Launched on Kickstarter

For many MacBook users, an elegant docking solution is something theyve been craving for years. After being fed up with their own messy desks from all of the wires connected to their MacBooks, one San Francisco couple made the decision to do something about it.

Inventors Cole and Kelly Flournoy have spent the last year perfecting the first two products from their brand Zenboxx: the Zendock Retina and the Zendock Pro – designed to hide the mess, behind the desk.

The docks combine your Magsafe power adapter and all of your peripherals wires, into a single seamless connection that plugs directly into the side of your MacBook. With the
included wall mounting options, you are able mount the dock behind your desk, completely eliminating wire clutter from your work area. The Zendocks are precision milled from solid blocks of ultra high quality T6061 aluminum, anodized and bead blasted to beautifully match the MacBook finish, and have a durable and wear resistant cable that connects to the base unit.

• The Zendock Retina supports Thunderbolt.
• Docks many more wires, all with a single connection including Magsafe.
• Dock can be easily mounted on the back of your desk which completely eliminates cable clutter.
• With fully working prototypes and being ready to enter into production, you can expect much shorter shipping times.

The Zendock Pro base features Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire 800, Mini Displayport, 3 USB 3.0 ports (operates at USB 2.0 speed on legacy MacBooks), and dedicated microphone
and speaker connections.

The Zendock Retina Base includes Mini Displayport, 3 USB 3.0 ports, dedicated microphone and speaker ports, optional Gigabit Ethernet adapter, and includes a Thunderbolt compatible pass through on the main topside connector.

This new Kickstarter project is definitely one to keep an eye on right from the heart of Silicon Valley. Zenboxx will offer early bird specials starting at $99 USD to the quickest Kickstarter Backers and have a planned post-production retail price of $179 USD.


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