MacBook Bezel Color: Silver or Black? – Which Is Better?

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson notes that Apple has done a great job of picking high quality displays for its products and the new Retina displays are just another example of that. However, the bezel, or display frame, is an often overlooked part of the product that should not be since it sets the stage for how images on the display look.

Johnson observes that Apple has been using a black bezel on most of their Mac products from MacBooks to the Cinema displays, with the MacBook Air its lone product with a silver bezel instead of black – even the new MacBook Pro Retina has a black bezel instead of silver. On the iOS side, users do get a choice, but there is always a black version. He contends that few will probably make their MacBook choice on the bezel color, but it should at least a choice. Which one is better?

Your editor would venture that it’s whichever color you like best, but Johnson contends that having used both silver and black bezels, the clear winner is black, which is why Apple uses it on almost all displays. I’m inclined to agree, personally, at least for laptops, although I do prefer white iPads. Go figure.

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