Apple’s Next Big Thing – The iPad

Slate’s Farhad Manjoo observes that Apple’s iPad has always labored under the shadow of its little brother the iPhone, and even after proving itself a worthy alternative to personal computers for many users, the iPad rarely gets its due. He notes that when investors and financial analysts think about Apple’s future, they tend to focus on the iPhone, which remains the company’s cash cow, citing estimates that Apple keeps about 50 to 60 cents in profit from every dollar it makes on iPhone sales, and that against that backdrop the few billion that iPad sales generate for Apple seem insubstantial.

However, Manjoo says the iPad’s future looks very bright, and he suspects that within a couple years, it will reclaim its rightful place at the top of Apple’s product hierarchy, and that while Apple fans and critics agitate for a new “big thing” from Apple, nobody really knows what they want from Apple, exactly – just something new – and in our obsession with “new,” we’re missing potential of the old, and it’s very likely that Apple’s next big thing is already out there.

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