Apple: Where’s The (Other) Software?

T-GAAP’s E. Werner Reschke observes that while Apple updates its Operating System software regularly with another version of Mac OS X or iOS or both released every year – remarkable compared with Microsoft, which takes 3-5 years before releasing a major new version of anything. But he asks: “where is the “other” software from Apple?”

Reschke notes that Apple’s most current iWork platform is iWork ’09 – the “09” standing for 2009. Where is the update? The latest version of Logic Pro is also “09”. Then there is iLife 11, and Aperture fans have been waiting over three years for a major update release. Minor updates have been released along the way, but mostly bugfixes and maintenance releases, not new features.

Reschke hopes that Apple will show us some love at WWDC 2013 with updates to one or all of these titles.

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