How Has “Lighter Computing” Impacted The Business World?

PadGadget blogger Lory notes that according to a recent survey by hospitality industry Wi-Fi provider iBahn, travelers are leaving their laptops at home and using iPads instead, noting that for the first time in history, the past nine months saw a drop in laptop use.

So, how does lighter computing affect the business world? Conventional wisdom maintains that the iPad may be a great mobile gadget, but it’s no replacement for a laptop. Or, is it?, Lory asks, noting that in addition to watching movies in their hotel room, business travelers are turning more to their iPads for its convenience and mobility. While laptops are lighter and thinner than every before, nothing competes with the mobility of a tablet, that the iPad has proven itself worthy in the business world as being a workhorse, and when Apple launched the 128 GB “business” iPad, nearly all Fortune 500 companies had either already deployed, or were testing, iPads across their workforce. The larger-capacity tablet ensured Apple’s place in enterprise as a laptop replacement device.

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