iOS 7: What The Heck Is “Flat Design” Anyway?

You’ve no doubt encountered the term “Flat Design” in the context of a Jonathan Ive redo of the user interface for iOS 7, but are perhaps a bit hazy on what it signifies.

9To5Mac’s Mark Gurman and the AtlanticWire’s Rebecca Greenfield have posted illustrated profiles of what is anticipated to emerge as iOS 7’s new look at WWDC next month.

Mark Gurman says that ‘Flat’ design is based on simplicity and pushes aside heavy textures and digital metaphors of real-life objects found in skeumorphic interfaces – a reference to tacky visual theme metaphors that don’t quite make sense.

Ms. Greenfield notes that Apple’s current iOS 6 icons have more of a 3D look in which they are shaded and shine.

You can check it out at:

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