Apple To Fix “The One Thing Everyone Hates About The iPad mini”?

BusinessInsider’s Jay Yarow says that from the first day the iPad mini was announced, there’s been one problem – the screen resolution isn’t great, and that unlike the iPhone, or the bigger iPad, you can see pixels on the iPad Mini. The other gadgets have Apple’s high-resolution “Retina” displays.

However, Yarow cites NPD analyst Richard Shim saying the iPad mini will get its Retina display in 2H13, projecting that Apple should start mass production of an iPad mini with Retina in the third quarter.

Another interesting tidbit is that Mr. Shim expects Apple to stick with the more than two-year-old dual-core A5 processor siicon used in the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and original iPad mini, rather than upgrading the small ‘Pad to the A6 chip used in the fill-size iPad 4th generation.

That seems a bit strange, given that a Retina display will have twice the number of pixels to light as it does with the current mini’s 1,064 x 768 res. display. I’m wondering if something may be getting lost in translation here, and that the second revision mini will actually be getting the A5X chip with a quad-core graphics engine used in the 3rd generation iPad when it got a Retina display. OTOH, there may well just not be room for the A5X in the diminutive mini.

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