CIO Road Test: Microsoft Surface Pro Eclipses Apple iPad For Enterprise Duty

Writing for CRN. Kevin Pashuk chief information officer at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada reports on his personal experience with a new generation of tablets with a desktop-level compatibility and performance – specifically the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Pashuk notes that Apple’s iPad has already demonstrated that the lightweight tablet format quickly becomes indispensable for today’s workers. Consequently, he observes that if you look into the satchels of many executives today, you’ll find three devices – a laptop computer, an iPad (or Android) tablet, and a mobile phone.

Enter the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Pashuk says one of the first things he noticed about the Surface Prowas its speed, booting from cold in six seconds, and response as fast, if not faster than his laptop, even in processor-heavy applications like Adobe Lightroom.

He reports that while he used to be one of those people packing three devices, he’s actually been able to retire three devices with the Surface Pro – a work laptop, a home laptop, and an iPad – the Surface Pro able to take the place of all three, with no compromise in performance (other than the iPad’s battery life) and in some very specialized apps.

Pashuk observes that the format of a high-powered processor in a tablet format is a game changer, and the Microsoft Surface Pro, while not the only player in this field, certainly sets the standard for other manufacturers to follow, at least in the enterprise environment where it just doesn’t compete with the iPad and Android tablets, but supersedes them, and concluding that Apple shouldn’t assume that its dominance of the tablet market is impenetrable.

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