Apple Tops 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2013 Survey Again

MarketingWeek’s Lou Cooper reports that this years BrandZ ranking of the top 100 valuable global brands sees Apple maintain its reign as number one, ahead of Google and IBM in second and third and Microsoft in seventh place.

Cooper says Apple’s brand worth is based on a balance of local and global strength, diversifying into new areas of business, having a strong corporate brand and either being a premium or everyday brand, and that Apple maintains its top slot in the rankings this year because of the strength of its brand, with a value of $185.1bn. However, its rate of growth has slowed by 95 per cent due to a slip in stock price and negative investor sentiment, its brand value only increasing by 1 percent this year but still holding the record for most valuable brand, and leading by a long way. The next brand in the ranking, Google, is worth $113.7bn [reversing a 3 per cent decline last year to a 5 per cent gain] so Apple is $71.4bn ahead – nearly the value of Coca-Cola in the difference.

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