7-inch Tablets: What User Experience Benchmarks Show – iPad mini Out In Front

A new Tablet User Experience Research survey by Pfeiffer Consulting indicates that user experience with tablets and smartphones is one of the most important aspects of the overall perceived value of the device. Pfeiffer Consulting has developed methodologies to quantify key parts of the user experience, and their 2013 Tablet User Experience Benchmarks – Complete Benchmark Report (7-inch Tablets) data revealing that Apple’s iPad mini pretty much mops the floor with its 7-8-inch tablet competitors in terms of user satisfaction.

Pfeiffer Consulting’s benchmarking project compares four medium-sized tablets: the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7-inch), Apple’s iPad mini, the Google Nexus 7, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-inch), with the benchmark results showing that the iPad mini offers the best hardware user experience, followed by the Nexus 7.

With a score of 28, the iPad mini has a significant lower cognitive load than other 7-inch tablets in the survey, contributing to greater ease of use and better user experience, with Pfeiffer Consulting’s proprietary User Experience Friction Index calculated from the research rangeing from 25 for the iPad mini to 122.50 for the Kindle Fire HD. (lower numbers indicate a better score.)

You can find an abstract with graphs and charts here:

The full report in PDF format can be downloaded here:

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