Still Time To Take Advantage Of TypeIt4Me 75% Off Special Offer

From June 1, TypeIt4Me will revert to its normal price of $19.99.

If you haven’t grabbed your 75% off copy at $4.99, time is ticking away.

TypeIt4Me is a text macro utility that allows you to define a set of abbreviations for specified words or phrases that they represent. When you type the abbreviation (or select it from TypeIt4Me’s pop up menu) and hit the assigned trigger key, the app expands the entry as you continue typing.

For example, I frequently type my name, so with TypeIt4Me I have assigned it the abbreviation “ch.” Now when I type “ch” and stroke the spacebar, the two letters change to “Charles W. Moore.

TypeIt4Me entries can be as short as a single character (they can be even be shorter than the abbreviation) or as long as a boilerplate paragraph. Once you define an abbreviation, it is available anywhere text can be typed.

If you have Lion or OSX 10.8 – Mountain Lion, you may want to purchase TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store in order to get support for iCloud.

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