The iPad And Other Tablets Are PCs Says Microsoft Corporate Vice President

A blog post by Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications from the All Things Digital convention notes that the theme of this year’s is focused on what it means to be in a Post PC era – a topic Shaw says he loves.

He notes that looking around the conference, there were iPads and other tablets as far as the eye could see, and that, most of the people around him were using their iPads exactly as they would a laptop – physical keyboard attached, typing away, connected to a network of some kind, creating a document or tweet or blog or article. “In that context,” says Shaw, “it’s hard to distinguish between a tablet and a notebook or laptop. The form factors are different, but lets be clear, each is a PC.”

Ergo, he contends that we shouldn’t be getting hung up on semantics in an unnecessary way and that he actually thinks the PC is not at death’s door but alive and well and thriving. It’s just that it now comes in an array of different form factors – different from a traditional desktop PC, but with the same core idea behind them: personal in nature, used for work and for play, runs applications, connected to a network etc. “No matter what label you put on them,” he says, they are personal computing devices.

Eminently sensible analysis. Ed.

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