The iOS Is The Future Of Apple

Indications have been strong over the weekend that iOS 7 is to be a marquee announcement at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that begins today. Computerworld’s Michael deAgonia notes that not so long ago, WWDC was all about Mac OS X, Apple’s robust desktop operating system that’s now in it’s ninth major iteration (OS X 10.8).

However, deAgonia contends that Apple’s OS future emphasis will be more on its OS X derived mobile device iOS, with which the says Apple gave us something we didn’t yet know we wanted – or needed: a way to carry a computer in a pocket, the iPhone being less a phone with computer-like functions, and more a computer that incodentally worked as a phone.

deAgonia says the iOS reached people in a way OS X never could, its touch-based input adding a visceral connection with the machine, and almost as importantly the iPhone and iPad breaking through the price premium barrier that had for so long dissuaded up-front cost-focused consumers from buying Apple products. And now with Apple having more than 500 million active iOS user accounts and 900,000 apps supporting it, iOS 7 carries on its shoulders a heavy responsibility. Just as the Mac was positioned as the Digital Hub for other electronics, says deAgonia, the iOS allows our iPhones and iPads and iPods to interact with other devices in ways that wouldn’t be feasible with traditional desktops or laptops.

However, he believes that OS X still matters, and that the success of iOS feeds back to OS X in a sort of “Halo Effect” – ergo: each Apple device serves to entice users to try out other Apple products, and OS X continuing to deliver on the desktop even as the times pass it by.

Nevertheless, deAgonia thinks the iOS is even more important because it powers the computer you always have with you, and while the Mac may be the Digital Hub for your traditional peripherals, it’s the iPhone that’s truly at the center of today’s modern lifestyle. Simply put, he argues, iOS is the future.

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