Macworld Reviews 11-inch and 13-inch Mid-2013 MacBook Airs

Macworld UK’s Simon Jary notes that Apple’s 2013 MacBook Air looks identical to the 2012 MacBook Air and scores closely in Macworld speed tests, but whats different about the new MacBook Air laptops is the new, fourth-generation Intel Core Haswell processor, and the big news is much longer battery life, as well as improved wireless network, based on the 802.11ac wireless standard, and energy efficiency improvements.

Jary notes that while the 2012 MacBook Air was faster in eight of 15 tests, the new 13-inch model was faster in seven of the tests, and the one big speed improvement they noticed was in the 11-inch 2013 model versus its 9% slower 2012 equivalent.

However, in terms of graphics speed the new MacBook Airs showed great improvements thanks to Intel’s HD Graphics 5000 IGPU. The 2013 models also have faster flash storage – 51 percent faster than last years Air in one test, but the real story is in the extended battery life, which laptop users are going to love.

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