Shootout: 2013 MacBook Air versus 2012 MacBook Air

BareFeats’ rob-ART morgan says the ‘mid-2013’ MacBook Air has some key enhancements over the 2012 MacBook Air, with the new model’s flash storage dramatically faster than the flash storage in both the 2012 MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro.

The 2013 MacBook Air’s Intel HD 5000 GPU is also twice as fast as the 2012 model’s Intel HD 4000, but neither can compete with the Retina MacBook Pro’s GeForce GT 650M discrete GPU with its dedicated 1G VRAM.

The 2013 MacBook Air’s CPU is slightly faster than the 2012, but the 2013 MacBook Air’s “Haswell” processor uses less power, thereby improving battery life. It’s memory speed is just as good as the Retina MacBook Pro, but the MacBook Air’s dual core CPU can’t compete with the rMBP’s quad core silicon.

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