How OS X Mavericks Will Enhance Your MacBook’s Battery Runtime

Macworld’s Marco Tabini notes that MacBook users have long been Jonesing for iPad-like battery life to come to the Mac, and it looks like we may finally get our wish with OS X Mavericks, due out later this fall, which promises to introduce interesting technologies aimed at increasing the battery life of our computers.

– App Nap – causes apps you’re not actively using to receive less system attention, reducing power demands, a collateral benefit being that more of the computer’s capacity is reserved for the the currently active app.

– Mavericks extends the concept of virtual memory by introducing a new technique called Compressed Memory, which works by transparently compressing portions of RAM that, though nominally in use, are not actively employed by any app, thereby increasing the free memory available to the system

– Mavericks’s Timer Coalescing feature, when running on battery power, induces the operating system to automatically aggregate timers that are scheduled to fire within a short time of each other and execute them concurrently, thus reducing the number of times the system is forced to enter and exit power-saving mode and increasing the time it spends idling.

– Mavericks’s Safari 7 features a new Power Saver feature that keeps plug-ins disabled until the user needs them — for example, if you open a webpage that contains one or more Flash movies, the browser will show a static preview instead of launching a movie automatically.

– According to Apple, iTunes will take greater advantage of the hardware acceleration provided by a Mac’s GPU, reducing the amount of power needed to watch movies and play music by as much as 35 percent.

– Mavericks will take better advantage of the Haswell processor’s support for firing up and boosting the clock speed of individual cores, ensuring that each core is fully utilized before a new one is brought online and allowed to consume more power.

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