How Long Before Apple Ditches Intel In The Only Segment That Counts? – Quartz’s Mims

Quartz’s Christopher Mims cites Apple CEO Tim Cook declaring that iPads will eventually replace all of Apple’s notebook computers, and concludes that sooner rather than later, Apple will have both the ability and the incentiveto create notebook computers that run on its in-house engineered A-series chips, rather than ones made purchased from Intel.

Market research firm Gartner noted that the only personal computing form factor that’s doing respectably well market-wise is the ultramobile notebook computer, a category that includes Apple’s MacBook Air, tablet/notebook hybrids, and some Google Chromebooks that run Googles Chrome operating system.

Mims observes that ultramobile computers don’t require Intel chippery, noting that the success of Samsung’s Chromebook, powered by the same class of ARM chips found in the iPad, proves that a perfectly usable laptop can be built on the innards of a tablet.

Another reason Apple could ditch Intel in at least some of its notebooks, is that its ARM-based mobile chips are getting more powerful, with the next-generation A7 version rumored to make its debut in the iPhone 5S.

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