iPad 4 vs Nexus 10 vs Surface Pro Head To Head Review

The Inquirer’s Lee Bell notes that in 2012 Amazon and Google undercut the iPad, creating their cheaper and smaller Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 devices. Competition heated up even more when Microsoft announced its Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet, and then again when Google launched its first premier Android tablet, the Nexus 10. Apple responded by releasing upgraded versions of its latest iPad, making 2013’s battle for tablet sales one of the most interesting so far.
However, with the evident lack of interest in Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and Google’s flagship Nexus 10 tablet beginning to show its age, The Inquirer couldn’t resist a chance to check whether Apple really needs to be concerned about its competition.

Lee observes that Apple devices have long been known for their high-end design and finish, so any tablet maker attempting to take on the iPad 4 is going to have a tough time competing with the firm’s high design standards. However, it’s apparent that both Samsung and Microsoft have taken pains to ensure that the appearance of their respective tablets can compete with that of the iPad.

So can they? I won’t be a spoiler here. You can check out the shootout results at:

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