CTO 11-inch MacBook Air An Impressive Performer – Macworld

Macworld’s James Galbraith reports that Macworld Lab recently tested a configure-to-order (CTO) 13-inch MacBook Air in an ultimate configuration with upgrades to the processor, RAM, and storage, but says since that story ran, they’ve heard from readers who want to know how a similarly outfitted 11-inch MacBook Air compares, so they bought and tested an ultimate 11-inch CTO MacBook Air to get some answers.

Galbraith notes that this CTO 11-inch MacBook Air takes the standard $1199 system with a 1.3GHz dual core Core i5 processor, 256GB of flash storage, and 4GB of RAM and upgrades it to a faster 1.7GHz dual core Core i7 processor (an additional $150), 8GB of RAM ($100) and 512GB of fast flash storage ($300), for a total price of $1749.

Compared with a similarly configured 13-inch MacBook Air, tests finished within a second or two of each other, and the CTO 11-inch MacBook Air was 24 percent faster overall than the stock 2013 11-inch model they tested.

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