Should You Buy A MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Macworld UK’s Karl Hodge parses the MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro purchase quandary, noting that they’re both great machines, but with less than £50 or $100 difference between the 13-inch Air and 13-inch (non-Retina) Pro, which one should you go for?

It depends whether you want portability or power, Hodge advises. noting that the Air is incredibly mobile and easy to slip into the laptop pocket of your bag or rucksack, and with its crazy-long battery life of upto 12 hours, is ideal for commuting and working on the go. It also has a better graphics processor.

The MacBook Pro on the other hand has evolved into heavy duty business laptop, and really shines at the higher end with the Retina display version, but for the budget-conscious it really boils down to whether you need a portable machine to carry everywherem, or a little workhorse you can take between office and home to crunch numbers and edit media.

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