Using An iPad As A Serious Writing System

ZNet’s James Kendrick says he’s been using the iPad for writing work for almost two years and frequently gets asked howhe does it. This guide explains what I do and why it works well.

Kendrick affirms that the iPad has revolutionized the way he approaches his writing and is still serving him well. He says he’s tried number of tablets for writing work, but always comes back to the iPad for a number of reasons.

Reasons he finds that it works so well in this capacity include:
• Long battery life
• Retina display which he says makes it possible to work for hours without eyestrain.
• LTE frees him from the wi-fi hotspot, which is liberating.
• Small package – he can carry the iPad in the keyboard case in the smallest bag possible, making it easy to move around.
• Taller display – the iPad’s screen is taller than other tablets with a wider screen.
• Focus – having multiple apps on the screen at once can be nice, but for writing the one app on the screen eliminates distraction.
• Speed to production – he can take the iPad out of the bag and be where he left off in the last session in just a few seconds.
• Security – all of his work is in the cloud so he loses nothing if the iPad is stolen, and he can deactivate it remotely if that ever happened.

Kendrick’s current iPad setup is an iPad 4 with 64GB of memory (which he says is overkill) and integrated LTE., paired with a keyboard case to facilitate text entry. He says he’s tried most popular keyboard cases for the iPad and settled on the ZAGG Profolio+ that he says has a fantastic keyboard that supports fast touch typing and even backlit keys.

He prefers the Chrome browser, his main writing app on the iPad is Evernote, and he uses Office2 HD to access Microsoft Office documents.

However, Kendrick concedes that his new MacBook Air is coming along for his work outings quite a bit lately due to its light weight and 9+ hour battery life, and there are also are other solutions that are cheaper, faster, and more capable than his iPad with keyboard, but it’s solid system for a writer that has no compromises yet is full-featured enough to write thousands of words a day. He likes using it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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