Is Dropbox Cloud Storage Too Expensive?

Well, for a lot of us, it’s been free so far. Drobbox gives you 2 GB of storage free, but that can be expanded through referrals. I think I now have about GB, which should be plenty for the forseeable future for the way I use Dropbox.

However CNET’s Dara Kerr reports that Dropbox hosted its first developer conference on Tuesday, conjuring up images of a future without hard drives and announcing its plans for cloud domination, and says some users still aren’t happy, and despite being more or less satisfied with the actual service, many users complain that Dropbox’s pricing once you get past the free allotment is just too expensive.

CNET performed a cost comparison with Dropbox and some of its main competitors to find out if the cloud storage and synching service is pricier than alternatives, checking out and pricing similar plans for Google Drive, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud, Copy, SpiderOak, SugarSync, and Box.

Ms. Kerr notes that based on the cost comparison, it appears that users looking to get the most storage for free should look into Google Drive or Copy, while those who want to pay the least amount for 100 GB per month should look into Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Google Drive, or Copy. However, she also reports that while some Dropbox packages are more expensive than those offered by competitors, many are actually within the same price range.

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