25 Things New Android Phone Does That Make iPhone Feel Like It Comes From The 1990s

ZNet’s David Gewirtz says there are (at least) 25 things his iPhone 4S can’t do that his new Samsung S4 Android phone can.

He says he knew the S4 had a lot more features than the iPhone. But until he started playing with it, the scope of the advancement of the device over even the iPhone 5 wasn’t immediately apparent.

Gewirtz affirms that he knows there were no smartphones in the 1990s, but while the iPhone seemed advanced five or seven years ago, using it now, holding it next to the new Android phone, it feels dated, like older than just the last decade.

Going through his list, your editor has to agree that it is in some ways compelling. However, what would be missing would be the Apple user experience and lack of hassle. Gewirtz acknowledges that messing around with his S4 has given him a new hobby he really hasn’t time for. A lot of us don’t want that sort of new hobby.

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