Non-Retina iPad mini 2 In The Fall, Retina iPad mini In Early 2014 – Rumor

StableyTimes’ Phil Moore says the iPad mini 2 will see its release date in the fall of this year after all, but without the highly anticipated Retina display currently found in the full size iPad, a feature that due to manufacturing and supply issues will have to wait until early next year when the Retina display iPad mini 3 arrives.

Moore notes that Apple currently uses the Retina display as a selling point for convincing customers to upgrade from the iPad mini to the more profitable full size iPad, but that even without Retina resolution, the iPad mini is outselling the full size iPad by a three to two ratio.

Nevertheless, he says Apple appeared willing to add Retina to the iPad mini 2 despite the threat of more sales cannibalization of the big iPad, had a supply of panels been ready.

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