When Will Apple Release MacBook Pros with Haswell?

T-GAAP’s Karl Johnson notes that so far the MacBook Airs released last month at the WWDC are the only Macs that have been fitted with Intel’s new Haswell processors.

Johnson reasons that since low power consumption is the Haswell processor’s main distinction, and that the MacBook Pro would greatly benefit from the Haswell processor’s extended battery life, the MacBook Pro line should logically be the next Apple system to receive the new Intel chipset, but when?

He observes that anticipation of new Haswell equipped revisions will stop savvy users from buying current MacBook Pro with Retina models (it appears unlikely that the non-Retina Pro models will ever get a Haswell upgrade), so Apple will need to released these updates soon or risk a reduction in MacBook Pro sales. He says it’s highly likely that Apple is in production of the Haswell-based MacBook Pros and they will be ready for mid-summer release.

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