A Better Way To Use A Mac (Or iOS Device)

PixoBebo’s always insightful Kate MacKenzie says that like most Mac users she’s always preferred to use a computer to get stuff done rather than tinker around the complexities and foibles of a Windows PC, and that somewhere around 10 or 12 years ago she started using a multiple clipboard app., and recommends that dont have one, get one.

Your editor seconds the recommendation. There are also multiple clipboard apps available for iOS devices, some of them free:

As Kate Mackenzie notes, a multiple clipboard manager simply grabs and stores whatever you copy or cut onto the Macs clipboard in a scrolling database so you can paste it again later without having to find the original to copy again. Examples of multiple clipboard managers for OS X are the commercial software PTHPasteboard Pro, CopyPaste Pro, and freeware xClipboard and JumpCut.

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