Long-Term Review: Apple’s Newest MacBook Air Continues To ImpressLong-Term Review: Apple’s Newest MacBook Air Continues To Impress

Computerworld’s Michael deAgonia notes that he was initially quite impressed with Apple’s newest MacBook Air after just a few days of use — and after having used a 13-inch min 2013 Air for the better part of a month, thishe says the little machine continues to consistently wow hom with its extended battery life and better-than-expected performance. In many ways, deAgonia says the MacBook Air “sits in the sweet spot between portability and power, with more than a dash of style thrown in for good measure.”

While you don’t get a Retina display, deAgonia says the 13-Inch Air’s screen is very nice, very bright and well-saturated, and he thinks most buyers won’t see screen resolution as a deal-breaker.

Other good stuff: waking is virtually instantaneous, the obvious result of an operating system and hardware designed to work well together, and deAgonia found that the Air surpassed the write speeds to its drive of his mid-2012 Retina MacBook Pro, and was nearly twice as fast on disk read tests. He notes that despite being powered with a 1.3GHz Core i5, the computer ran all of his apps without hesitation (no appearances of the dreaded Spinning Beach Ball) even though it’s nominally clocked at 500MHz lower than the original 2008 Air.

In summary, deAgonia says he’s become a huge fan of the 13-in. Retina MacBook Pro, and if you don’t need more I/O ports or the Retina display, it’s fantastic.

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