Text Kills Documentary “Smartphones Of Mass Destruction” Indiegogo Campaign In Final Countdown

Text Kills is a 501c3 donation-supported outreach program that regularly partners with law enforcement, fire/safety authorities, schools, other non-profits, community outreach programs, and corporate safety officers in an effort to educate and increase public awareness concerning the dangers of cell phone use while driving or when used to bully and harass (text-bullying).

The Text Kills project believe they are uniquely qualified to take on this project given their 3+years of experience as an outreach organization. Over that time, they’ve been collecting data, assessing technology relating to mobile communication devices, and, most importantly, talking to the general public through the vehicle of their Text Kills bus, which has attended and presented at literally hundreds of events.

Text Kills works with Bully Buster USA in community outreach and safety awareness, dedicated to educating the public about the deadly issues of distracted driving and text-bullying. To help spread the Text Kills’ message of driver safety and responsibility, the Text Kills Tour Bus traverses the country, collecting signatures on its sides from people pledging not to text and drive.

The purpose of the Text Kills Indiegogo is to raise funds to make a one-of-a-kind, educational documentary on texting while driving, “Smartphones of Mass Destruction,” that will focus four main aspects of the relatively new, and very dangerous byproduct, of using mobile technology while driving, – the stories, science, psychology, technology, and laws surrounding the practice, which has become the nation’s number one teen killer (3,331 people died from TWD in 2011). The campaign has raised $10,000 of its $15,000 goal so far. Text Kills plans to provide the documentary free of charge to schools and educators around the country.

The TextKills Indiegogo project film will explore and expose what happens chemically in the brain when you engage in texting while driving (or TWD), hear from esteemed psychologists on how TWD changes our behavior and affects us psychologically and emotionally, look at the latest technology trends in mobile communications (including an exploration of what lies ahead in terms of technology design), and, finally, analyze the “what” and the “why” behind various state and federal initiatives that lawmakers are now planning or pushing forward as part of their effort to discourage talking on the phone or texting while driving (Distracted Driving).

However, the plan is not to present an unengaging, dry, technical, and monotone review of this major issue that affects everyone on the road. In making this film, the producers have sought out the most tragic and heart-rending stories shared by those whose lives have forever changed as result of a Distracted Driving accident or incident. You will meet the real faces whose lives have been changed forever by this real problem, and the goal is not to scare, but to educate, inspire, and provoke personal responsibility in smartphone users, so that when your phone rings, vibrates, or pings, you make the decision to focus on driving while on the road.

The project has found in its research is that in many instances, especially among teens, the mere temptation to text has been replaced with an actual texting addiction. They note that nowadays, parents with children and teens who have phones and tablets must compete with these mobile devices for attention, and regular old human interaction is playing 2nd (or even 3rd) fiddle. Kids are staying inside and texting in chat rooms rather than having play dates and visiting friends in person. Amazingly, many teens are choosing to have cell phones, as opposed to cars, because iPhones and Android devices provide the same, if not greater, “keys” to their “freedom.” This film exposes a very real generational gap that technology has created, and proposes some creative solutions to facilitate bringing people, friends and families closer together.

In short, this documentary takes a fresh new approach to understanding and addressing the phenomena of TWD and Distracted Driving. By holding a more powerful mirror up to expose and analyze these problems, the Text Kills Indiegogo producers hope to give the viewing public the tools it needs to stop this threat to our collective safety “dead in its tracks.”

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