iPad, Tab, Nexus, Surface, And Kindle Fire: What Tablet Users Think (Infographic)

VentureBeat’s John Koetsier says:

The iPad may have lost the tablet wars to an army of Android tabs, but its still first in peoples hearts. Second place, however, belongs to a somewhat unlikely candidate.

Actually, I think it’s a bit premature to assume that Apple has lost the tablet wars. Kotsier acknowledges that while Apple’s tablet market share has dropped precipitously over the past several months, the iPad still outsells tablets from any other two or three companies combined, and a search on tweets in the past month shows that iPad still has almost five times more “I love my tablet” mentions on Twitter than any other tablet, and about 2.5 times more than all the top Android tablets combined.

However I agree with him that the tablet market is in a state of massive upheaval, and although the iPad is likely to enjoy a substantial uptick after the iPad 5 is released, possibly as soon as next month, It will not return to the 90 or so percent market share it initially enjoyed.

Great infographics. You can check it out at:

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