iGO Chargers Apple-Certified And Backed With New Five-Year Warranty

In light of recent reports that counterfeit or third party chargers have compromised the integrity of mobile devices and even caused physical harm resulting in death, iGO assures consumers that its Apple-Certified products provide the safest, best in class charging experience possible. iGO’s ongoing commitment to quality, reliability, and consumer safety remains superior as the brand adheres to strict quality design standards and enforces a meticulous safety inspection procedure on all of its charging devices.

iGO components are comprised of high-grade materials, and a select group of Quality Assurance engineers evaluates each structural component for degradation related to environmental stress, universal compatibility with consumer electronics, product life expectancy, and safety to consumers when in use.

Understanding the public’s growing concern for sound and dependable consumer electronics, iGO Director of Marketing and Product Strategy Jack Hampson explains: “iGO customers are not only provided with the best in quality, but undoubtedly the safest chargers available on the market today. Our Quality Assurance Guarantee ensures that your device is not only engineered for optimal performance today, but will safely and efficiently work later in the product’s lifecycle.”

iGO chargers feature Apple’s official Certification Label and exceed the mandated safety requirements currently imposed by Apple. As added precautionary measures, iGO chargers also feature protective circuits that prevent over-voltage and over-current, alongside fuses that safeguard against sparking due to faulty wall outlets.

In conjunction with these safety and reliability initiatives, iGO will offer a five-year warranty on its complete collection of chargers and a two-year warranty on iGO batteries (due to their reduced lifecycle) starting this fall.

For more information on iGO’s new five-year warranty and to learn more about the brand’s Quality Assurance Program, visit:

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