Somewhat Watered-Down NeoOffice 2013 Now Available On The Mac App Store

NeoOffice 2013 is the version of NeoOffice in Apple’s Mac App Store. Except for the changes listed below, NeoOffice 2013 has the same features as NeoOffice 3.3 Patch 8.

What changes will NeoOffice users see in NeoOffice 2013?

Since Apple requires applications to implement several security requirements before they are allowed to be listed in the Mac App Store, NeoOffice users will see the following differences in NeoOffice 2013:

Features that require Java or Python removed

Base database users: if you use Base databases, we recommend that you use NeoOffice 3.3. Base database features in NeoOffice 2013 are much more limited than in NeoOffice 3.3.

Apple requires that applications in the Mac App Store not use Java. Also, neither Java nor Python support the folder and file security restrictions that Apple’s App Sandbox imposes. Because of these Apple security restrictions, NeoOffice users will notice the following changes in NeoOffice 2013:
• Tables in existing Base databases that use the HSQLDB format cannot be opened.
• Reports in all existing Base databases cannot be opened.
• Third party extensions that use Java or Python cannot be installed. Extensions that use OpenOffice Basic or native compiled code will continue to work.
• Several menu items in NeoOffice’s File :: Wizards menu have been removed.
• Uses Apple’s App Sandbox

Applications that use Apple’s App Sandbox are not allowed to open any of the user’s folders or files without explicit permission from the user. So, when NeoOffice 2013 tries to open one of the user’s files, NeoOffice 2013 will display a native open dialog set to the file’s folder. NeoOffice 2013 will only be able to open the file if the user presses the dialog’s OK button.

Update Check Feature Removed

Apple’s Mac App Store has its own update check so NeoOffice’s internal update check has been removed from NeoOffice 2013.

Media Browser Removed

Applications that use Apple’s App Sandbox are not allowed to access other applications’ user preference files. This restriction prevents the Media Browser code from accessing the iTunes and other applications’ user preferences. Without such access, most audio and picture files are no longer accessible so the Media Browser has been removed from NeoOffice 2013.

No Language Pack Installers

NeoOffice 2013 can be installed on the same machine and will not interfere with other versions of NeoOffice already installed on your machine. If you already have another version of NeoOffice installed in the Applications folder, your existing installation will not be overwritten. Instead, the installer will install NeoOffice 2013 in a new NeoOffice folder in the Applications folder.

Also, NeoOffice 2013 uses the following user preference files and folders to keep NeoOffice 2013 preferences separate from preferences for other versions of NeoOffice:

User preferences folder (replace “~” with your Home folder):

Native preferences domain name: org.neooffice.NeoOfficeSecureEdition

OS X 10.8.0 or later


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