Which Is The Best Word Processor Program For Mac?

Apple Pages ’09 is part of Apple’s iWork ’09 suite of office productivity software programs for the Mac – a fully featured word-processing and page layout tool. But is it a better option than Microsoft Office for the Mac, or the myriad free alternatives such as Google Docs and OpenOffice?

Macworld UK’s David Price pits iWork’s Pages ’09 word processor against Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Google Docs, in an updated review.

So which is the best office software for Mac: Microsoft Word for Mac, Apple’s Pages, Google Docs, OpenOffice or another free alternative? Price says that depends. For one thing you need to consider what your friends and colleagues use most often, because sharing documents for collaboration is a lot easier if you’re all on the same platform. Pages has the appeal of iCloud, which means you can easily sync the documents you’ve created on your iPad on to your Mac. Those who use their iPad to create documents on the go will naturally veer towards Pages on their Mac. Microsoft Word for Mac isn’t a cheap option, but Google Docs is, and OpenOffice is widely liked by its fans too. Price says that as with Google Docs it falls somewhere between iWork and Office, lacking the simplicity of Apple’s suite and the power of Microsoft’s, but it’s free so you may as well give it a try.

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