Haswell MacBook Pros Coming In September – Taiwan Newspaper

Japanese blogsite EMSOne says according to Taiwan’s Want Daily newspaper, Apple is gearing up to have its release supply chain shipment pipeline in full swing for a September release of Haswell-powered MacBook Pros.

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MacRumors notes that it is still unclear as to whether both Retina and non-Retina MacBook Pro models will be updated in this round, since Apple has been rumored to be planning to phase out the non-Retina models.

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But Don’t Buy A New PC or Mac Without Checking Its CPU’s Up-To-Dateness

CNET’s Dan Ackerman says you should check to find out if
the laptop, desktop, or tablet you plan to buy is stuck with a last-gen CPU, noting that could be a reason to wait — or a way to get a great deal.

He notes for example that Intel’s Haswell fourth-generation Core i series CPUs offer significant battery life improvements in the laptops CNET has tested so far. So, unlike the more ho-hum Intel updates we’ve seen in years past, there’s a real-world payoff in seeking out a Haswell-equipped laptop, and that as we move farther into the Haswell era, the market is in flux, with Many “new” laptops and hybrids, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S, Apple’s MacBook Pro lines, and the Toshiba Kirabook, all still shipping with processors from Intel’s third-generation “Ivy Bridge” Core i series, originally introduced in spring 2012.

Akerman says that a growing number of Haswell PCs (and Macs) tested, have yielded very impressive battery life results and also offer Intel’s better integrated graphics, either the HD 5000, HD 4600, or HD 4400, rather than the now-outdated Intel HD 4000 graphics found in third-gen Core i-series systems.

Nevertheless, Akerman says he wouldn’t rule out buying a non-Haswell system altogether, and has posted some guidelines that represent his current thinking on the subject.

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Presuming that the reports out of the Far East are not totally off-base, MacBook Pro fans (at least of the Retina MacBook Pro) shoudn’t have too long to wait now for Haswell machines.

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