Can Sony’s Vaio P13 Topple Apple’s MacBook Air?

The FinancialExpress’s Pranay Parab observes that three key moments in the short history of computers happened in the last six years. In chronological order, these were: iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. Apple Inc. launched these game-changing devices in three years (2007-10), and today, similar machines are everywhere.

Parab says no write-up on ultrabooks is complete without mentioning MacBook Air, which was obvious inspiration for Intel’s ultrabook (thin, light Windows laptops) spec. The latest MacBook Air promises 12 hours of battery life, thanks to Intel’s fourth-generation Core series processors, but Windows ultrabooks also offer those same processors, and in some respects outdo the aging MacBook design. EG: Sony’s Vaio P13, which is lighter than the MacBook Air at a featherweight 1.06 kg, and has a touchscreen as well, although many laptop users consider the latter a dubious addition.

Parab notes that the Vaio P13’s build quality is excellent is good, its slightly curved edges making it easy to hold and carry. the keyboard is good, with well-spaced keys and backlight. Then there’s Microsoft Windows 8. which users tend to either love or hate. He observes that with an average trackpad and a touchscreen that’s inconvenient for the desktop mode, the Vaio P13 seems suspended in transition between two input methods the software not permitting a complete switch to touchscreen, while the hardware limits the user experience in desktop mode, anf he advises that you’ll be better off buying a USB mouse along with the P13, since the awkward to manipulate and ergonomically disastrous when vertically-inclined touchscreen isn’t as responsive as the iPad’s, with users likely to find it difficult to execute the swipe-down gesture that closes apps, although otherwise it’s a decent panel.

As for battery life, Parab reports that while Sony claims the laptop can last 8.5 hours on a single charge (or 16 hours with an additional battery sold separately – an option Apple doesn’t offer), during tests, the Vaio P13 achieved only around six hours in moderate, real world use (while the mid-2013 MacBook Air has frequently exceeded Apple’s nominal 12-hour claim in lab testing).

He summarizes that if the touchscreen and better display are priorieits, andand if you need Windows, get the Vaio P13. If battery life and a superior trackpad are your primary needs, get the MacBook Air.

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