Retina iPad Mini Vs. Slimmer iPad 5: Which One’s Best For You (And For Me)?

Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrell notes that if Apple eliminates the screen bezels, as is anticiated for the iPad 5, and the big iPad isn’t that much bigger than the mini.

Sorrell predicts that there will almost certainly be new iPads this fall, to wit: a Retina-screen iPad mini, plus a thinner, smaller iPad 5 – a kind of enlarged iPad mini, complete with tiny side bezels.

Your editor is more inclined to the school of thought that the iPad 5 we will see, and perhaps also an updated iPad mini, but no Retina mini until 2014. But what do I know?

Whatever, Sorrell says it will create a dilemma for him because like many folks he’s all but ditched his large iPad for the mini, but what if the iPad 5 is small enough to compete with the mini?

Your editor is in the grip of no such quandary, finding the 9.7-inch iPad panel small enough, thank you, especially for typing, and I’m not sure how much I’m going to like the rumored bezel-less case form factor, but if it comes with a also rumored 30-ish percent faster 64 bit A7 SoC and two GB of RAM, I’ll somehow learn to live with the lack of convenient gripping surfaces.

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